Getting started with DraftSight

2D designing and draughting just became easier. Let us guide you through the journey of getting started with DraftSight.

To get fully started with DraftSight, it starts with the installation.

Installing DraftSight has never been easier.

Catch one of our application engineers and certified DraftSight Specialist, Wesley Sapto, as he takes you through the steps to install DraftSight on your PC.

Whenever we are faced with the task of familiarising ourselves with a new software, the first challenge we face is to identify the icons and to navigate to the location(s) of where the tools reside.

If you are a SOLIDWORKS user, the utilization of DraftSight will come easy as the interface or toolbar layout resembles your native SOLIDWORKS interface.

With all the tools and features labelled into sections, navigation between tabs becomes a swift and easy task.

If you opt for the classic look and feel for your designing software, you can also switch from the ‘Drafting and Annotation’ user interface to the ‘Classic’ interface for the purists.

If you are an AutoCAD user wishing to switch to another 2D design package, look no further. All the commands you are familiar with in AutoCAD has been added into DraftSight to allow for a seamless transition.

Upon entry of an AutoCAD command, DraftSight translates the command to the native command as illustrated in the images above.

For example, the “E” character represents the “Erase” command however, in DraftSight it recognizes the command and translates it to its own command known as “Delete”.

If you feel intimidated by the icons, features and tools, have no fear, Mecad Systems Support Team is here.

We can provide you with the necessary training to help you sharpen your skillset and eliminate bad design practice.

In addition, we also provide technical support for your DraftSight Enterprise or Enterprise Plus packages.

If you require any sales or training information on DraftSight, contact us on If you require any technical support, contact us on

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