DraftSight Mechanical

DraftSight Mechanical

DraftSight Mechanical offers a comprehensive suite of features found in DraftSight Premium, along with advanced capabilities specifically designed for updating drawings with mechanical entities in DWG format. With DraftSight Mechanical, you have the flexibility to work seamlessly with DWG data either on your premises or in the cloud.

Experience the power of DraftSight Mechanical in your mechanical design projects. Whether you choose to work with DraftSight Mechanical on premises or leverage the connectivity to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight Mechanical, you can harness the full potential of advanced features and take your mechanical designs to the next level.

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Part References

Part references add intelligence to 2D entities so they will be treated as a separate part for bill of material tracking. Make or update existing part properties such as number, description, vendor, etc. Save time and work from a robust hardware library. Existing part references can be modified and new ones are automatically created when using the hardware library or can be created for user defined blocks.

BOM & Parts Lists

The BOM aggregates all part references for the drawing. Create new and update existing BOMs that detail properties of the components such as part number and quantity. The parts list is a visual table on the drawing that allows you to organize the BOM to your liking to complete your drawing.

Balloons & Frames

Annotate and add notes to your drawings by creating or reorganizing balloons associated to a parts list. The balloons feature is supporting part references so you can use it both for content previously created with your legacy mechanical system and with DraftSight Mechanical.